Kelly Kramarik is an extremely versatile freelance audio engineer based in Denver, CO. With a degree in Advertising, Theatre, and Music Technology, Kelly goes beyond sound design to understand all aspects of production. Her Master's Degree in Recording Arts from the University of Colorado, Denver brings another level of professionalism and experience.

Versatility is crucial to be a successful audio engineer. Working as a podcast engineer at Legal Talk Network, an audio engineer at Starz, and a freelance recording and mixing engineer, Kelly understands how audio differs across platforms, audiences, and topics. Additionally, Kelly has experience working as a production sound mixer and post production mixer, expanding her scope and ability to work in any stage of audio production. Kelly understands the delicacy needed for classical concerts but also the impact of dialogue in the film industry.

Kelly is proud to be a woman in audio, helping balance audio's mainly male-dominated industry. She brings new perspective, insight, and skill to each project she touches. Her ability to get along well with others and make every project as smooth and enjoyable of a process as possible makes her an invaluable asset to any team.

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