Twi McCallum is a NYC-based sound designer for the stage and screen. Details

Living in one of Paul McCartney's luxury cars straight to helping build one of the largest sound and lighting rigs at the time and tips on how to surv...View Details

Beth O’Leary is a freelance live sound engineer and tech-based in Sheffield, England. While studying for her degree in zoology, she got distracted wor...View Details Use the link on the website to sign up for "The LAB" & "The Back Lounge" https://livesoundsummit2020.sounddesignliv...View Details

Film website (and best way to contact the three of us): To make a donation towards the film: Details

Analog patching, talking to astronauts, RTS systems, and DopeChickBeats on TikTok Alexandria Perryman is an Emmy award-winning live broadcast engineer...View Details

Vegan Ice Cream, Overcoming Social Anxiety, Touring as a FOH & Flutist 

Owning a podcast recording business, taking the chance to learn more, and having faith with Fela Davis. Listen to Fela on the audio production and int...View Details

Live recording, continual education, and the value of being diverse. 

Chamois leather, microphones, history of Foley, and the Safe Sets Initiative with Lara Dale  Trigger warning (rape, incest, abuse) Details

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