Jill is an Award winning Audio Engineer currently working mainly out of Jukasa Studios. Coming from Cologne, Germany, Jill followed her dream to work ...View Details

Elyssa Kohen grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She graduated from the prestigious Las Vegas Academy for Performing Arts before attending the University of...View Details

Ebonie Smith is an award-winning music producer, audio engineer and singer-songwriter based in New York City. Ebonie is also the founder and president...View Details

Michelle Levitt has been a musician, an artist, and the CEO of her own podcast studio. She is the Marketing Director for Heil Sound and has worked the...View Details

Olga FitzRoy is a recording engineer and mixer. After a decade working her way up the ranks at AIR Studios, from tea-girl to mixing the music for the ...View Details

   With a background in music composition, engineering, and events production, Juno’s curiosity has led her to venture into new and advanced audiovisu...View Details

Petra Randewijk is an independent sound engineer from the Netherlands. She has been working in sound for over 20 years, mostly in live sound. Last yea...View Details

Alicia is a former band director turned touring audio person. She mostly works on the roving versions of Broadway shows, and can't wait for the pandem...View Details

Hannah is a UK-based freelance sound engineer with 10 years experience in the live music industry. She has toured the world taking on a wide variety o...View Details

Lenise Bent has enjoyed a long career as an audio engineer and producer, honing her skills on many iconic records including “Aja” by Steely Dan and “B...View Details

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