As a musician, mix engineer, and music technologist, Jess Jacobs is a Los Angeles-based creative with a massive range of skills and experience to mana...View Details

Los Angeles-based mastering engineer and vinyl cutter, Jett Galindo of The Bakery, has worked on albums spanning a wide array of genres and artists--J...View Details

Kimberley Thomas is a multi-faceted production individual currently residing in Tennessee. Originally from the UK, Kimberley strives to be a Jane-of-a...View Details

Claire Murphy is a backline tech and tour manager. Prior to the pandemic she just finished up a support tour with P!nk in stadiums across Europe. Clai...View Details

Hailing from Los Angeles, Karrie has spent the last 30 years as the monitor engineer for Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder. Karrie started out doing sound fo...View Details

Grace Royse is a 18-year veteran of the music industry with a concentration in production management. Her experiences span thousands of festivals, tou...View Details

Laura Clapp Davidson heads up the retail market development team for Shure. She brings passion and a knowledge of gear that comes from over 15 years i...View Details

Maxime Brunet is a freelance Front of House engineer, tour manager and monitor engineer. She has worked with artists such as Wolf Parade, Operators an...View Details

Karol Urban CAS, MPSE, NATAS has served directors and producers as a re-recording mixer for television and feature films since 1999. Focusing principa...View Details

With over 20 years of concert production experience, Mike Bangs has spent most of his career as a Touring Monitor Engineer and Production Manager. On ...View Details

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